Carlos Jeurissen

Working from Home. As independent Software Engineer from the Netherlands I have worked on many Browser Extensions, Web Apps, and Websites giving the best experience for both users and companies. White-hat Hacker. Contributing to the W3C WebExtensions group and many open-source projects. Loves to improvise when getting in contact with a piano.

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Piano improvisations

Music is one of the most important aspects in live. Improvising on any musical instrument opens a new world in creativity and finding peace of mind.

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White-hat Hacking

As white-hat Hacker I have found several security vulnerabilities including a few at Google. This made clear a software engineer should never rely on assumptions when it comes to security.

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Playsprout Industries has been started together with Michael Cook. At Playsprout, we craft beautiful, engaging, educational apps that cultivate creativity without being over stimulating or deceptively monetized.

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Browser Extensions

Over the years, several Browser Extensions have been released that improve and simplify your experience on Google websites and other places on the web.
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